The Journey so far!

Posted by on Aug 3, 2013 in News


A few weeks ago we shot our latest short film. It was in answer to a conundrum that we faced a few months before that. I had penned a script for a 15 minute short that I thought I had written in such a way that it is easily makeable over a weekend and for a minute budget. The characters were interesting, the story gripping and the feel refreshing. Then we sat down and tried to work out a budget and shooting schedule. It was then that the wheels fell off the bus. Far from being a 2 day shoot for a fist full of dollars, well okay a wallet full of pounds, it had morphed into a FIVE day shoot where the equipment alone had breached the £10,000 mark! Oh dear. FIN.

Well, for that project at least.

So, what did we do next? We got up, dusted ourselves down and wrote something that was actually makeable. In our to do file sits the first draft of a feature script. In that script is a character called DINO. So I wrote a short film about him. To introduce him to the world if you like and see if the world liked him. The script was written in a couple of weeks, the cast and crew assembled, the locations stumbled upon and before we knew it we were standing in a back garden in Crouch End shouting ACTION!

Now, just over a month later the film has been edited into a pretty tight rough cut, publicity stills have been taken, postcards ordered and a website pulled from the ether. We’ve even cut a rather snazzy trailer too! And, next week we head off to LA for an amazing editor to oversee it and grade it for us to make it all shiny and beautiful. Quite a journey I think you will agree. Please introduce yourself to DINO. He’s quite a character!

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